Born in Southern California,  Marc began his interest in art during his junior and senior years in high school.  Those years were filled with hours of intense experimentation with ceramics, wood and metal, frequently ignoring other classes to linger over his latest piece of work and dreaming of his next creative challenge.

In 1971, Marc moved to Sun Valley, Idaho. The high rugged mountains and deep, green valleys became new sources of inspiration.  He continued his art study with pen and ink drawings of the landscapes and people he met and saw through back country skiing, hiking, and fly fishing.  Sketches of the human body by Michaelangelo and DeVinci awakened his observational skills and encouraged him to enroll in life drawing classes.

For approximately 15 years, Marc took a recess from art to concentrate on his own property management business.  In 1993, the creative bug reappeared,  and he started painting watercolors en plein air.  Studies with local watercolorist Sheila Gardner brought his eye into the realm of impressionist interpretation.  The fluid, unpredictable movement of the water was exactly suited to Marc’s imagination, emotion, and energy.

During the summer of 1995, Marc met and studied with California’s great watercolorist Milfred Zornes, well-known for his big, loose technic.

Much of the subject matter for Marc’s present work is within walking distance of his studio just north of Ketchum.

Marc's watercolors were displayed at the all but forgotten, Valley Artist Gallery in Ketchum during the late 1990's.  Photo images from his recent study of ice, has been on displayed at the City of Ketchum's conference room.  

During the winter of 2015, Marc made a extensive study of the effects of ice on different objects.  Over 500 images were taken through sheets of ice during different times of the day. 

100 of the best images were produced into a video called "Ice Dreams."  The video was on display at the Friedman Airport over the wintertime.  Ice Dreams was also part of an art installation during the Studio Tour at the Next Stage Theater.  It was the first video installation submitted and accepted by the Studio Tour in it's 10 year history of the event. 

The video can be seen locally at Chapter One Bookstore in Ketchum.  DVD's can be purschased at the store.